Lontalius is Eddie Johnston from Wellington, New Zealand.

Always part of the family, but Eddie has moved on from Papaiti. From Bandcamp: "Recording as Lontalius, New Zealander Eddie Johnston released his debut album I'll Forget 17 on Brooklyn-based indie Partisan Records in March 2016. He moved to LA to work on his second album 'All I Have' with Grammy award winning producer Om'Mas Keith (Frank Ocean, John Legend, Jay-Z) and Jim Fairchild (Modest Mouse and Grandaddy)." All I Have was released in 2019.

The World Will Never Know About Us 2013

Lontalius   the world will never know about us This is a collection of single songs that were made to be repeated.

Download MP3 V2 — 33MB

The Same EP 2013

Lontalius   the same ep

Download MP3 V2 — 27MB

Tunnels 2012

Lontalius   tunnels

Download MP3 V2 — 42MB

Covers Vol. 1 2012

Lontalius   covers vol 1 Set of covers of Tyga, Drake, Japandroids, Grayson Gilmour, Justin Bieber and Adele.

Download MP3 V2 — 36MB

Bounces 2011

Lontalius   bounces Bounces is Eddie's second guitar-based EP. Clear lathe cut 7" sold out.

Download MP3 V2 — 13MB

Singing You To Shipwreck 2010

Lontalius   singing you to shipwreck This EP was originally released under the name Shipwreck. Has since been re-tagged as Lontalius. Digital-only release.

Download MP3 V2 — 9MB

Lontalius at Old Folks Ass.

Lontalius live at old folks ass 180113 Last Lontalius show with the original band lineup.

8 tracks / 00:34:16 / recorded 18/01/2013

Download MP3 V2 — 52MB

Lontalius at Puppies

Lontalius live at puppies 130214 Three-piece version of Lontalius - at a post-Camp A Low Hum show at Puppies

7 tracks / 00:28:12 / recorded 14/02/2014

Download MP3 V2 — 38MB

Lontalius at FTP

Lontalius live at ftp 010614 Lontalius playing as a four-piece at All Ages venue FTP in Auckland.

7 tracks / 00:27:46 / recorded 01/06/2014

Download MP3 V2 — 39MB