Cool Cult

Cool cult

Cool Cult was Lliam Powell, Maté Vella and Alexander Grant. They were a noise pop band from Auckland, New Zealand. Self-released apart from Try Crunch (went out on Muzai Records), now all available for free here. They were also featured on Pressure to Be. Inactive since December 2012, all 3 members played in Trust Punks. Zombies, Ice Cream and Try Crunch feature original drummer Adam Koifman.

Cool Cult 2012

Cool cult   cool cult

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Try Crunch 2011

Cool cult   try crunch

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Ice Cream 2010

Cool cult   ice cream

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Zombies EP 2010

Cool cult   zombies ep

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Cool Cult at [æ]

Cool cult live at [æ] 081210 Cool Cult's set at the Pressure To Be compilation release show.

8 tracks / 00:22:20 / recorded 08/12/2010

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