In between, on the side and in the background of other projects James has been recording and playing as Capsul since 2008. The songs capture moments and have no pretence of being anything more than flawed snapshots. Composition comes second to connection.

2018 EP 2018

Capsul   2018 ep Songs that came together in 2018. Recorded at Ruato Bay.

Download MP3 V2 — 23MB

Clarity 2016

Capsul clarity

Download MP3 V2 — 36MB

I'll Hold My Breath Here 2014

Capsul   ill hold my breath here Three songs capturing moments in 2012.

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Palpitations 2013

Capsul   palpitations

Download MP3 V2 — 17MB

Coherence 2012

Capsul   coherence Coherence is an EP with five songs on it. They were all written 2010-12 and recorded 2011-12.

Alex Grant plays drums on Mighty.
Advisors Tim Berry and Nicole Gaffney had a definite positive effect on this EP.

Artwork by the resplendent Robert Nedeljkovic.

Digital-only release on the last day of 2012.

Download MP3 V2 — 23MB

Bookcase 2012

Capsul   bookcase A collection of b-sides from 2010 & 2011 put together for release in June 2012.
Digital-only release.
Artwork by Treefrog.

Download MP3 V2 — 27MB

Wide Awake Looking Out at the Night (Remixes, Covers and Collaborations) 2012

Capsul   wide awake looking out at the night (remixes covers and collaborations) Remixes, covers and collaborations done, done for, done with, friends and friends of friends.
Digital-only release.

Featuring, in alphabetical order:
Capsul / Deathdream / Grysn Glmr / Lilycove / Race Banyon / Secret Knives / Snowfield / Suren Unka / Totems / You Could Talk

Download MP3 V2 — 75MB

You're Lying EP 2010

Capsul   youre lying Free digital release.
Artwork by Treefrog.

Download MP3 V2 — 14MB

Blurry Eyes EP 2009

Capsul   blurry eyes ep In a move towards higher fidelity recording techniques, Blurry Eyes is a well paced EP and Capsul at its most refined.
Free digital release.
Artwork by Treefrog.

Download MP3 V2 — 13MB

Regress, Regress 2009

Capsul   regress regress Supposedly recorded after listening solely to mount pleasant for a week, James' latest solo effort is a step forwards in lyrical integrity and a satisfyingly somber listen.
Free digital-only release.
Photo by James.

Download MP3 V2 — 19MB