Soda Boyz

Soda Boyz

Soda Boyz are known for their dynamics. Thoughtful and patient guitar passages are followed by wrenching slowcore breakdowns. Their second album is in production in 2023.

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Farewell Spit 2020

Farewell Spit

"Farewell Spit is a record of ebbs, flows and stillness – imposing peaks, impossibly deep valleys and serene wide plains." - Weirdo Wasteland

SODA BOYZ are Aotearoa's premier proponents of slowcore, having honed their delivery to emphasize the negative space, leaving audiences hanging on every note. The Mousai called their live show "hauntingly beautiful," and said, "I’m absolutely mesmerized.”

After acclaimed tours of Australia and New Zealand in 2018, Jules (guitar), Josh (drummer) and Felix (vocals, bass VI) went to work with quintessential Wellington engineer/producer James Goldsmith, and Farewell Spit is the product. Undertheradar called first single Bad Friend a "lovably haphazard exploration into the importance and fragility of friendships." While Weirdo Wasteland said Farewell Spit "revels in restraint and release, a beautiful balance between muted delicateness and roaring pandemonium." It was recorded and mixed at Blue Barn and The Surgery, before being mastered by Brad Boatright (Off!, Sleep).

by Soda Boyz 2016

by Soda Boyz

Released digitally and on limited-run 10" lathe-cut record.