One half of Sports Dreams (and formerly Fruit Juice Parade), Shannen has written and recorded a stellar solo collection.

Shannen Georgia Petersen - Home Again 4 2021

Shannen Georgia Petersen - Home Again 4

Fast becoming a cherished voice in New Zealand independent music, Shannen Petersen is excited to release perhaps her best work yet. Early demo talons found favour on b-net radio and even charted, but Home Again 4 marks the start of something more. About the project, Shannen said, “it’s taken a long time to make something I’m proud of and want people to know about” and that this was down to the honesty and directness of it, adding “in this project there’s nothing to hide, it’s me, straight up.”

Shannen has already developed a reputation for writing songs that “get under your skin” ( as one half of both fruit juice parade and Sports Dreams, and Home Again 4 is no exception. Drawing on Aotearoa’s rich history of jangly guitar music, Shannen has synthesized something that feels simultaneously laid back and urgent, conveying the push and pull of daily life. This single and the coming collection feature Harry Lilley and Jonathan Galuszka (of First Move) on bass and drums respectively, and was recorded at Palmerston North landmark The Stomach.