Model Home

Model Home

Model Home began in a freezing cold Woolston storage unit in light-industrial Christchurch. On their debut album ...And Nobody Made A Sound, the band takes you for a ride around an earthquake town, through familiar suburbs to brand new houses destined to fall apart. The album, released in collaboration with Australian label False Peak Records, reached #8 on the NZ Albums Chart and singles topped the Radio Control top ten.

The band consists of Rachael Norcross on vocals/guitar, Will Roud on vocals/guitar, Tom Roud on bass, and Sean James on drums. Together, their live sound is confident and sharp - and after a nationwide tour of Aotearoa in 2023, the self-described ‘sad songs quartet’ show no signs of slowing down. 

...And Nobody Made A Sound 2023

...And Nobody Made A Sound

..And Nobody Makes A Sound places you within moments of main songwriters’ Rachel Norcross and Will Roud lives. In days and locations, in moments of both anxiety and healing, all experienced while becoming an adult in post-quake Ōtautahi. From the opening track ‘Home Again V’, to the power-pop first single and closer ‘Leaky Home Simulator 2031’, Model Home’s debut stays close to the heart and and will hit home if you let it.

"you have no choice but to be swept away" - The Sampler, RNZ

"An endearingly emotive joyride of tumbling guitars and bittersweet...reflections" -