Lontalius is Eddie Johnston from Wellington, New Zealand.

Always part of the family, but Eddie has moved on from Papaiti. From Bandcamp: "Recording as Lontalius, New Zealander Eddie Johnston released his debut album I'll Forget 17 on Brooklyn-based indie Partisan Records in March 2016. He moved to LA to work on his second album 'All I Have' with Grammy award winning producer Om'Mas Keith (Frank Ocean, John Legend, Jay-Z) and Jim Fairchild (Modest Mouse and Grandaddy)." All I Have was released in 2019.

The World Will Never Know About Us 2013

The World Will Never Know About Us

This is a collection of single songs that were made to be repeated.

The Same EP 2013

The Same EP

Tunnels 2012


Bounces 2011


Singing You To Shipwreck 2010

Singing You To Shipwreck

This EP was originally released under the name Shipwreck. Has since been re-tagged as Lontalius.

Lontalius at Baby's All Right

Lontalius at Baby's All Right Recorded at the New Zealand Showcase as part of CMJ Music Marathon in NYC

6 tracks / / recorded 12/10/2015

Download MP3 V2 — 54MB

Lontalius at FTP

Lontalius at FTP Lontalius playing as a four-piece at All Ages venue FTP in Auckland.

7 tracks / 00:27:46 / recorded 01/06/2014

Download MP3 V2 — 39MB

Lontalius at Puppies

Lontalius at Puppies Three-piece version of Lontalius - at a post-Camp A Low Hum show at Puppies

7 tracks / 00:28:12 / recorded 14/02/2014

Download MP3 V2 — 38MB

Lontalius at Old Folks Ass.

Lontalius at Old Folks Ass.

8 tracks / 00:34:16 / recorded 18/01/2013

Download MP3 V2 — 52MB