Cool Cult

Cool Cult

Cool Cult was Lliam Powell , Maté Vella and Alexander Grant. They were a noise pop band from Auckland, New Zealand. Self-released apart from Try Crunch (went out on Muzai Records), now all available for free here. They were also featured on Pressure to Be. Inactive since December 2012, all 3 members played in Trust Punks. Zombies, Ice Cream and Try Crunch feature original drummer Adam Koifman.

Cool Cult 2012

Cool Cult

Try Crunch 2011

Try Crunch

Ice Cream 2010

Ice Cream

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Zombies EP 2010

Zombies EP

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Cool Cult at [æ]

Cool Cult at [æ] Cool Cult's set at the Pressure To Be compilation release show.

8 tracks / 00:22:20 / recorded 08/12/2010

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