Carb On Carb

Carb On Carb

Carb on Carb are a product of many places. In the band’s lifetime they have been based in 4 cities and played in at least 70. They are currently based in Whanganui.

The band's first and self-titled album was “noisy and heartfelt, bridging the gap between 1990s emo bands like Rainer Maria and current counterparts like Waxahatchee” (Mess + Noise). Relentless touring won over fans across Australasia and the band temporarily relocated to Australia.

This time away drew the band’s focus back to home with their celebrated second album For Ages; an extended love letter to NZ, with “soaring vocals, a guitar tone warm as a woollen blanket, mathy lead bits, ever changing dynamics and crash cymbals that wash over you like the good an emo release as you will hear anywhere this year” (4ZZZ).

Their third album Take Time, on the other hand, was written entirely at home. called it "heart-swelling emo-punk" while Stereogum described it as "sweetly melodious and melancholic as you could want."

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Take Time 2024

Take Time

Co-released with Black Wire and Salinas Records

"a cathartic and strangely calming experience. I can’t really think of many albums that tackle the topic of time and aging with such fun, irreverence and heartfelt emotion. Take Time is a collection of powerful songs, performed beautifully and written with absolute honesty. It’s what albums should be – an expression of the artist without filter." -

Available digitally and on 12" bio-vinyl LP

Be My Mirror/Here Comes the Best Bit 2021

Be My Mirror/Here Comes the Best Bit

Two standalone singles released and toured during covid. Re-released as short-run 7" lathe-cut and cassingle on Papaiti in 2023.

"“Be My Mirror” is a song about seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes and trying to sync up with that other person on a deeper level. It’s also a song about shotgunning free beers in the rain. The song is bright and yearning and catchy and two minutes long, and it rocks" - Stereogum

For Ages 2018

For Ages

Sophomore album released by Papaiti & Black Wire Records.

For Ages examines resilience, what home is when you’re constantly moving, what teenage dreams mean in your mid-twenties, competing work and life pressures, and the personal as political. Crushing album closer Mitimiti is a love letter of sorts to both New Zealand and friendship, ending with the simple but heartfelt “giving me a chance/to learn who you are/people who mean the most.” Through the course of For Ages these threads are drawn together into the concept of continual coming of age as an inspiring way to constantly redefine yourself.

For Everest/Carb on Carb Split 2017

For Everest/Carb on Carb Split

Released by Square of Opposition Records. The Carb side also doubles as 7" single with Black Wire Records.

Carb on Carb 2015

Carb on Carb

Debut album. Released on Papaiti as well as Toothache Splinter in Malaysia, Ronald Records in the USA, and Black Wire and Lesstalk Records in Australia.

Ladies Mile 2013

Ladies Mile

Second EP. Out of print.

No Body Perfect 2012

No Body Perfect

First EP. Out of print.

Carb On Carb at Upoko Alpine Resort

Carb On Carb at Upoko Alpine Resort From Carb on Carb's 'For Ages' tour, this show was a one-off with cellist Olivia Grace Wilding.

2 tracks / 00:05:16 / recorded 13/05/2018

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